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The Best Pizza

I have been learning Jeff Varasano's pizza tricks the last couple of years. If you love pizza, because this takes a bit of work, try out his recipe. Don't expect to get it right the first time, but with practice, you will make the best pizza you have ever eaten. Here is his link: Jeff Varasano's Famous New York Pizza Recipe Below is a pizza I made today that turned out really nice. YUM!

One of Pat's best, well, really Jeff's.

Keeping up with a few adventures

I have been keeping track of a few adventures out there on the high seas. One is Jessica Watson. A very large CONGRATS goes out to Jessica Watson, yougest to sail around the world. And please, no arguments on whether she "really" sailed around the world, really. Way to go Jessica! Jesica Watson's Page Another is Nick Jaffe Nick's Page, another Australian who sailed from England to Australia in a 26 foot Contessa, a boat I seriously considered buying. I found out about Nick while attempting to boat across Yellowstone Lake last year in October. The park ranger told me not to take my dory out in the middle of the lake, but to hug the shore. He said mountain storms are deadly and the water is 39 degrees F. If you go in you have about 20 minutes. So what do I do, I go right down the middle of the lake, because heck, I've taken this boat 12 miles offshore. Well, Yellowstone Lake isn't the warm waters of the gulf. This lake is meaner. The wind picks up, its big waves and whitecaps, I am soaking wet and shivering uncontrollably, and my motor starts to choke out. We just make it to the nearest shore to start a fire before I go into full blown hypothermia (been there, done that, but that's another story.) Next morning the motor won't start, so it's a 10 mile paddle back to the north shore and then another 10 by road to the car. We take care of that business and then set camp near Lewis Lake,leaves and there camped next to us is Nick Jaffe's brother RyanRyan's Page. Ryan tells me about his brother Nick and we share some great hikes, scotch, and food together for the next couple of days.Yellowstone Images


I was delt my first painful injury while working on this project. I was moving my 300 pounds of 3/8 inch anchor chain from my garage to my shop in a wheel barrow. Between the house and the shop there is a creek with a footbridge over it. There are ramps on each end of the foot bridge. As I pushed the wheel barrow up the first ramp, I didn't quite make the top and was pushed back down. OK, I am going to have to run up the ramp, so I get a good running start and up I go. I have a hill to go up to get to the shop, so I decide to get a good running start while on the bridge. Away I go, across the bridge and down the ramp at a good clip. As my wheel barrow meets the ground, it digs in and comes to an immediate stop. I slam into the wheel barrow with 300 pounds of chain. My thigh slams the edge of the wheel barrow and the left handle augers into my left arm at the elbow joint. I hit so hard the wheel barrow goes end over end with me cartwheeling through the air with arms flailing. The wheel barrow and I slam to the ground upside down after turning a flip. The pain is so great there is no yell, gasp, or scream. Just a low moan that continues for several minutes. Bernard, my dachshund, comes over and licks my face. Bernard knows I am in pain. I lay there for 3 to 4 minutes before I sit up to assess the damage. I thought I had a broken left arm and leg, but after a minute more I decide its ok to get up and walk around a bit. I have some sweet bruises and a very sore body, but no more.

Bernard, my faithful companion

Random Ramblings

My Baby

I have been with this girl for 3 years now. I have admired her curves, caressed her body, and dripped sweat on her skin. She has been with another for many years, another life, another time, adventures I will never really know. But she slowly reveals a few secrets to me. A glance at her past, her experiences, her hardships and glory days. I will never know them all, but as I learn more about her, the more deeply attached I become. My life with her is still new and fresh, full of excitement and surprise and emotion. And yes, fatigue and doubt. My time with her goes on and slowly we take on a new form together. My hope is that I will continue to take care of her and she me,that she will take me places I have never been, places I only dream about. I will do my best to keep her off the rocks, to survive the storm, to keep her running tall and proud. It's a dream. A hope. Sometimes that's all you need. Maybe one day she will become a part of me and I her, free to roam, and experience another life together. One of adventure, happiness, and laughter. I don't really know her yet. I may never. But right now she is with me and I do my best to keep her and the dream.