Rebuilt Porthole Trim

All the rubber trim around the perimeter of each window was in bad shape so I removed it and then painstakingly applied epoxy and fiberglass to the perimeter of each window and did much sanding to get a smooth surface around the perimeter of each window. On the Rasmus's cabin sides, you have an exterior fiberglass layer, next a plywood structural member, and then the interior mahogany trim and paneling. Water can seep thru the window and straight into the plywood section. I decided to epoxy and fiberglass the entire perimeter of each window to seal and finish instead of order more rubber trim sections. Don't do it. It took forever. But I should have a moisture proof trim on each window. We will see how it holds up.

New Portholes

To replace portholes, all of the old caulk left on the boat must come off. Since I was going to paint prior to replacement, I could not leave any trace of caulk on the boat. This is easier said than done. After trying several methods, the one that worked best was to scrape the bulk of the caulk off with a single edge razor and then soak the remaining caulk with Goo Off solvent and while the caulk was wet with solvent, scrub it with a wire brush and then wipe off the caulk with a rag as it beads up. I had to repeat this process several times before all the caulk was removed.

I cut new portholes using 3/8 inch thick polycarbonate. They cut smooth with an 80 tooth finish blade. I cut the curves with a bandsaw and cleaned up the curves with a stationary belt sander.

Porthole replacement

I have started replacing portholes using 3/8 inch polycarbonate sheets. They were easy to cut and drill for installation. The four I have already replaced went on nice and easy. I am using 3M 4200 UV as a sealant. I may use 3M marine silicone on the others because I ran out of 4200 UV and just to see which works better.

One more Portlight in place

Installed another portlight, this time using butyl tape I have been reading about. One thing I know, it will be much easier to replace the glass using butyl tape. I squeezed out a lot of butyl and it cleaned right up with no problem. I will have to thru bolt some of the fasteners but I have planned for that with the purchase of some nice acorn nuts. Anyone use butyl tape for portlight installation?

Portlight installation using butyl tape.