Building Refrigerator Box

Building the Reefer Box

I have placed pink styrofoam 4 inches thick for insulation and the first layer of fiberglass has been applied.

The fiberglassing of the interior of the box and the counter is complete. I will now coat with Interlux primekote in white and finish out the lid.

Finishing the Refrigerator Box

I designed the top and lid to the refrigerator and quickly cut and glued it together. I used African Mahogany. It is a bit heavy but it will have to do. I designed the lid to have two seals with an air space between. The lid will have 3.5 inches thickness of insulation (pink styrofoam). Pics Below:

This is the trim that will hold the lid. I have it glued in place with 5200 and sealed with expanding foam. I will cut the foam flush with the counter top and trim with Mahogany. It will look damn good, whether it works or not.

9/17/2010 Refrigerator: Today I trimmed the expanding foam flush with counter top. This weekend I will cut the edge trim and assemble the lid and it will be finished.

Foam trimmed flush

New reefer lid

Refrigerator: Finishing the Ice Box and Hooking up Evaporator

I screwed the evaporator in place, ran the coolant lines and hooked them to the compressor, and cut the box lid trim and fitted the lid. I then flipped the breaker and presto, a cold ice box. Pics below:

New ice box lid in mahogany.

Coolant lines in place and tied down with control lines on right. This is just behind the stove position.

Compressor in place and bolted down. It sits just below stove and is vented with fan on the back left. It vents into cabinet under sink. I will leave an opening in the door in front of the compressor, an opening in the cabinet parition between stove and sink, and an opening in door under sink. There is fan in compressor compartment that will draw air in a circular motion through cabinet space to vent compressor heat.

The coolant lines are behind stove and the compressor is under stove. The ice box is to the right of stove.

The ice box nearing completion.

Evaporator in place.

Ice box with lid off.