The Boat Shed

The sheds framework is massive, using 12 inch x 12 inch columns and beams that I milled from my neighbors yellow pine trees. The framework was designed to be able to lift the boat using four separate five ton manual chain hoists and nylon webbing. The hoists were bought over the internet from ACI Hoist and Chain for about $300.00 each. This was considerably cheaper than any other vendor. The nylon slings were purchased from Rigging Products, Inc., also the best price I could find on slings. After receiving the hoist, I did notice that they were all dented on the casing but it in no way hindered their operation. I would have liked the vender to have disclosed this info prior to purchase, however.

picture: hoist and sling slung around boat

10/25/07 The boat shed has massive frames capable of lifting the boat and has a 16 ft. high clearance and is 16 ft. wide and 32 ft. long. I was lucky to have a large barn to bolt the shed to.The beams were hoisted in place using a 22ft. long log vertically strapped to 3 stacks of scaffolding with a truck winch and heavy duty pulleys as power. The boat hoist will cost less than $1500.00 and the shed around $3500.00, which includes a 32 ft x 16 ft. concrete pad and metal roof.

My shed and shop after two days without a cleanup. Whew! My shop is on the top floor just to the right of my shed. I have a plank running from it to the deck of my boat.

The Hoist Works!

2/24/08 I read in the Rasmus owners manual pertaining to where the support blocks need to be placed under the keel. I had placed the aft block in the wrong place so I used my hoists to lift the aft end of the boat and move the block. It worked great and took very little muscle to lift the 12,000 lb boat.

Removed Old Volvo MD 21A

Took the old engine out using my homemade hoist. Worked great.