Below is gpx files of the waypoints and routes I have used.  As of now these waypoints are located in the Gulf and East Coast and Bahamas.  The files are downloadable to your computer or smart devices.  Just link the file to your device.  Each file will have it's own address.  For example, for File 1 below, the address will be.

I will update as I go.  Each file will have a number at the end.  For File 1 below, it is 32014.  This refers to the month and year it was created.  That way we will all know what files are the newest. 

I have also marked recent cautions along routes.  I have found these in cruiser forums on the internet. 

Use these waypoints at your own risk!! 


File 1:  Waypoints for Gulf Coast, East Coast, and Bahamas:  Anchorages, routing waypoints and navigational cautions