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Below is a link to Hallberg Rassy Rasmus Owners Blog where you can talk everything HR Rasmus. I am currently trying to turn this blogspot into an interactive forum for HR Rasmus owners. In order to do that, we need more authors. The blogspot will support up to 100 authors. That would really get the ball rolling. If you are a Rasmus owner and would like to participate send me an email using the form below. The blogspot will then send an automated email to you asking if you would like to be an contributor for this blogspot. Through the blogspot contributors can post your current projects on the blogspot including pictures, stories of adventure, tips and maintenance issues,upcoming events, general thoughts on life, etc. Signing up costs nothing and it could be a nice place for Rasmus owners to get acquainted. Let's do this.


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Here is a link to my personal blog containing some of my outdoor experiences:

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Mary Annie's Adventures: Cruising on a Hallberg Rassy Rasmus

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